Thanks for dropping in!

It is my hope that these posts will offer a moment for us to pause and ponder, as we attempt to live in response to the gospel call to “Follow.” These posts will not provide answers but seek to explore the mystery, majesty, and wonder of God’s love, mercy, and peace.

I hail from N. Ireland and then lived and worked in Scotland as a minister with the Church of Scotland. 25 years ago I moved to the Presbyterian Church USA and continue to serve the church today.

The seeds for this blog were planted in early 2020 amidst COVID-19, and the ensuing lockdowns, chaos and uncertainty. As my scattered family pivoted to working from home and overseeing remote schooling for their young children I offered a daily text “Pause to Ponder” as a late afternoon distraction and moment to draw breath. In those texts I offered a mixture of poems, quotes from literature, and a pondering thought. From those seeds has grown this attempt to expand and offer a twice weekly blog post.