Ebb and Flow

During the summer months many folks head to the beach and delight to get their feet wet! Some of us love visiting the coast in the winter months when wind and wave combine to battle the coastline. I find that the noise of the ebb and flow of wave can be inspiring and stimulating, bothContinue reading “Ebb and Flow”


The photo above only tells a small part of a much larger and longer story. 27years ago I too stood in line waiting my turn to enter the Immigration building in Kansas City. A small unattractive building exuding no sense of welcome or generous hospitality. As I stood in line I knew I was oneContinue reading “Foreign”


Today, I am trying to truly pause and ponder. Amidst the busyness of our days, our many lists and our much hurrying, suddenly the day is gone and we are too tired even to reflect on the hours that have come and gone so swiftly. In contrast to my last post, Carol Ann Duffy’s poemContinue reading “Leisure”

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