“Could Have”

Random happenings we often call coincidences. No rhyme or reason it just happened. Trying to fill a prescription becomes evermore complicated because there is a person with the same full name and the same date of birth already in the system! Having just flown into London and catching a train to Edinburgh when walking through…

“I took my mind a walk”

Following on from Robert Burns I thought I would stay in Scotland. Jumping from the mid 1700s to the mid 1900s to find Norman MacCaig. He divided his time living 6 months in Edinburgh then six months in Assynt, Sutherland – a most beautiful county in the far north of Scotland with a west coast,…

For a’ that

January 25th is celebrated in Scotland as Burns’ Night, when the famous poet Robert Burns is fondly remembered and Haggis consumed, with an evening of toasts, foods and dancing. Burns’ Suppers are enjoyed throughout the world and as is so often the case those who follow such traditions more closely are those who no longer…

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