John Masefield was born on June 1st, 1878 in Hertfordshire, England. By the age of six he was an orphan and was cared for by an aunt who tried her best to discourage him from his addiction to reading! He left school and trained for a life at sea. The photo above shows HMS Conway…


A few weeks ago I was browsing through the library “stacks” at Webster University, in St. Louis, and I pulled from the shelf a book of Selected Poems by John N. Morris (1931-1997). This was a new find for me and what makes it even more interesting is that Morris taught at Washington University, here…

Rising Out of The Mist

To stand at what might be described as “the worlds great margins” is to stand in the midst of wonder, mystery and beauty of the world. To gaze over the rim of the Grand Canyon, to stand listening to the “smoke that thunders” as the mighty Zambezi river plunges into a vertical chasm or indeed…

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