Everything is going to be alright!

This month marks two years since the death of Northern Irish poet, Derek Mahon. Although his life of poetry is well celebrated I have not really come across his writing and for that I am deeply disappointed. Therefore, in the coming months I am looking forward to reading and studying his poetry which spans soContinue reading “Everything is going to be alright!”

Is the soul solid like iron?

In my previous post I shared D.H. Lawrence’s poem Humming-bird when the poet was pondering “some otherworld Primeval-dumb, far back” “Before anything had a soul” As I read his poem I recalled the poem by Mary Oliver in which she asks in the opening line “Is the soul solid, like iron? Somewhere between Lawrence’s imaginationContinue reading “Is the soul solid like iron?”

“Before anything had a soul”

Our neighbors on both sides have a wide array of humming-bird feeders. However in the past week they have removed them and I discovered that they hang them from mid April through mid October after that these majestic, colorful and fast moving birds have moved south to warmer climes! Fortunately, whether it be those feedersContinue reading ““Before anything had a soul””

God’s Grandeur

Having just spent the past few days re-reading some of Keats’s poetry I am reminded of his delight in the beauty in the landscape which he saw all around him as he undertook his long walk through Scotland in 1818. His fellow Romantic poets, Hopkins and Wordsworth were also eager to write about the beautyContinue reading “God’s Grandeur”

1000 days!

In my last post I talked about the walking tour which John Keats took in the summer of 1818. Beginning in the Lake District, in north west England, then north into Scotland along the west coast. Keats stopped to visit the birth place of Robert Burns (1759-1796). He tried to write some lines while inContinue reading “1000 days!”

Craggy Ocean Pyramid!

It is known under several names. Ailsa Rock, Ailsa Craig and Paddy’s Milestone. The latter marks the halfway point between Belfast (N. Ireland) and Glasgow (Scotland) and named as such by those migrating from Ireland to Scotland in the 1800s! It is estimated that some 80% of “curling stones” are made from the granite whichContinue reading “Craggy Ocean Pyramid!”

You’ll never be much of a prophet if…

Carl Dennis, (born in St. Louis September 17, 1939) in his poetry collection entitled Practical Gods captures well the faith, doubts and concern for meaning in our age. He was awarded The Pulitzer Price for Poetry for this collection. He often places meaningful questions to us in the midst of his poems. I wonder ifContinue reading “You’ll never be much of a prophet if…”