Patch a few words together!

Many years ago I had the the opportunity to be in Jerusalem. I remember visiting the “wailing wall”. This wall of prayer for Jew, Muslim, and Christian has stood silently hearing prayers and receiving written prayers scribbled and pushed into the smallest of cracks in the stones. Prayers upon prayers, generation after generation. Some noContinue reading “Patch a few words together!”

“and never be the same”

Over many years, John Bell has been a friend and colleague in ministry. Many will know John as a wonderful poet and in particular as a great hymn writer and encourager of congregational song. Many years ago while I served my first church in the city of Edinburgh I was also a chaplain at aContinue reading ““and never be the same””

“Now wherefore stopp’st thou me?”

As the light at the end of the tunnel draws closer, and begins to chase away all the surrounding darkness, we can each breathe a little more hopeful! At last, we can begin to step out beyond the walls of our homes and the paths of our neighborhood. It’s not so much a returning butContinue reading ““Now wherefore stopp’st thou me?””

Through the Ear of a Raindrop

Poetry at its best needs to be both seen as words upon a page and also read aloud so the shape of the words can be seen and the sounds of the words can be heard. Poetry wakens our senses, stirs our imagination, stretches our minds, and moves us into moments of pondering and playingContinue reading “Through the Ear of a Raindrop”


For me, hardly a day goes by without the sounds and lyrics of Van Morrison. Unlike Bob Dylan, Morrison will not likely receive a nomination for the Nobel Prize for Literature. Dylan received this award in 2016 and the Swedish Academy noted why “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” Continue reading “Famous”

“The meaning is in the waiting.”

Whilst taking a vacation in Cornwall a few years ago I visited The Church of St. Enodoc. Primarily it was known to me as the burial place of the poet Sir John Betjeman. However the history of the church is intriguing. A church in the middle of a golf course, it just doesn’t get anyContinue reading ““The meaning is in the waiting.””