“Sing them into love, little by little”

This month marks the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death. His great tour de force The Divine Comedy explores the afterlife after he finds himself alone in a deep wood. The poem explores at length the challenges and encounters of the soul through Hell, Purgatory and eventually Paradise. Written when Dante was 35, the middle yearContinue reading ““Sing them into love, little by little””

Is the soul solid, like iron?

I love this photograph. Many years ago when I stopped on the Isle of Mull, on my way to Iona, there they were, in plain view and in hiding. I was reminded right away of that gospel parable of the shepherd who had 100 sheep and one went missing. The shepherd searched and searched untilContinue reading “Is the soul solid, like iron?”

Let America Be America Again

I turn today to the words of Langston Hughes. His words are always fresh, provocative, and inspiring. We cannot be the same person we were before, once we allow his words to enter into our heart and soul. I offer just a few verses from his poem Let America Be America Again. He never didContinue reading “Let America Be America Again”

“How should we live?”

These past seven days have been for most disturbing and shattering. You, like me, have watched in disbelief at the chaos and tragedy of Kabul and the whole of Afghanistan. It is not my place to offer answers, or “I told you so” but sadly it is my place, and yours, to feel some ofContinue reading ““How should we live?””