March Madness

1996 was my first experience of this thing called “March Madness” having moved from Scotland late in 1995! Living in Kansas City certainly introduced me to the local rivalry between the Tigers and Jayhawks – University of Missouri and Kansas University! Two of my three sons graduated from KU and so obviously I have becomeContinue reading “March Madness”

Poems don’t stop a war!

In the midst, and in the wake of war, a whole genre of poetry has emerged over many hundreds of years which we sweepingly call “war poems”. Let us be honest, poems don’t stop a war! Yet such poems often carry within them four characteristics that it is important to observe. Above all they formContinue reading “Poems don’t stop a war!”

Accept the miracle

Tabgha is the name of a site on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus appeared after his resurrection (John 21), and where he earlier multiplied loaves and fishes to feed the crowds gathered to hear him teach. The present church preserves within some of its walls remains of a church that stood hereContinue reading “Accept the miracle”