Sheep dogs!

In “normal” times during the summer months if you spend anytime in Scotland you have the opportunity to watch in awe the sheepdog trials or if attending some Highland Gatherings fall in love with both sheep and collie dogs! The working sheep dog displays amazing concentration in the job at hand working with amazing partnershipContinue reading “Sheep dogs!”

“The Church must be forever building”

In this the third and final post from T.S. Eliot’s Choruses from the Rock we continue to hear Eliot wrestle with the question -Can faith itself hold up? Today we hear a few lines from Part 2 of this 10 part poem. To read the whole poem please use the link! And the ChurchContinue reading ““The Church must be forever building””

Build with new bricks!

In April 2019 we watched, with all of Paris, in disbelief as Notre Dame Cathedral suffered such destruction. This towering miracle of beauty and majesty was suddenly engulfed by fire. What once was, might never be again! Prayers were offered all over the world as the roof slowly gave way. Could faith itself hold up?Continue reading “Build with new bricks!”

Choruses from the Rock

In the next three posts I venture to bring to your attention, and hopefully for your enjoyment and pondering, the words of T.S. Eliot in his Choruses from the ‘Rock’, 1934. In brief, The Rock was a play written on commission to support the 49 Church Fund of the Diocese of London. The funds raisedContinue reading “Choruses from the Rock”