“tie the poem to a chair with rope”

Billy Collins reminds us, lest we forget, that a poem once written and placed on a page, is in a sense open game! The poet cannot patrol the poem allowing only this or that to be what was intended. Ponder all those pages written by way of explanation to some of the poems of ourContinue reading ““tie the poem to a chair with rope””


Searching for a snowflake in Barcelona might at first seem a strange, if not impossible, thing to do. Yet that is exactly what the ever popular poet Billy Collins attempted many years ago. Snowflake was the worlds only known albino gorilla and he resided at Barcelona Zoo. Collins writes the poem about Snowflake entitled Searching.Continue reading “Snowflake”

Something Completely Different

In my last post I was talking a little about Haggis. So “now for something completely different” as was often the refrain of Monty Python’s Flying Circus! Staying in much lighter mood I have turned to the poems of Billy Collins who so often takes the very ordinary moments and scenes of life and turnsContinue reading “Something Completely Different”


Askernish is on the west coast of the island of South Uist, too small to be named on the map above. Yet here on the very western edge of Europe you will find the most unexpected and delightful golf course. https://www.askernishgolfclub.com/ The history of this course is another story! The former American poet laureate, BillyContinue reading “Askernishing”