These past few days more than enough snow has fallen on the north east, and as I write, here in the mid-west we are bracing for ice and snow in the next few days, with 6-10inches forecast! Snow shovels are at the ready. The winter Olympics start this weekend and we have been told a lot of the snow has been man made! How sad! Today, I share with you a short beautiful poem Cynthia in the Snow and as you read it please note that the word snow never appears, but in the title! This poem dates back to 1956 and the poet Gwendolyn Brooks, became the first Black woman inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Literature. Born in Topeka, Kansas, in 1917, the family soon moved to Chicago, where Brooks lived the rest of her life, dying in 2000. Today’s poem was written in the midst of the Civil Rights movement of the 50s and 60s and the poem can be read and reread with so many meanings – especially of her life in a Chicago suburb and the suppression and silencing of the voices of her community by the white community. Ponder this poem, and if snow is falling, read it aloud. Then reread it and ponder its deeper truth, which hurts.

Cynthia in The Snow
It hushes
The loudness in the road.
It flitter-twitters
And laughs away from me.
It laughs a lovely whiteness
And whitely whirs away,
To be
Some otherwhere,
Still white as milk or shirts.
So beautiful it hurts. Gwendolyn Brooks.

God of Creation
to you I offer my morning prayer.
As daylight chases away
the darkness of the night,
so bring me into this new day and
help me to live in your hope and love.
Soon evening will arrive, slowly but surely
might the darkness bring rest not fear,
might the night offer a safe silence.
This is my prayer for everyone,
this is my prayer
day and night,
night and day. Amen.

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