Celebrating Easter Day in the company of others for the first time in over two years brought with it much joy and jubilation. Yet still we wrestle with “masks” as the virus’ insidious presence lingers amongst us. We wonder if there will ever be a post pandemic moment! Over the past few weeks I have been reading from a collection of twentieth century poetry entitle Against Forgetting edited by Caroline Forche. This is a collection of protest poetry bearing witness against war and brutality. From the back cover let me quote one line “Against Forgetting encapsulates both the horrors of our century and the power of musical language to make a place to live, breathe, hope, love.” From the poet Vladamir Holan, a native of Prague, comes the following short poem. Holan writes simply of Resurrection day not on some grand apocalyptical scale but rather as something quite gentle and domestic, a sense of homecoming. His poem is a surprise stirring our imagination in a very different direction from what we might expect or envision. For those interested, Holan’s life is quite complex and his family sorrow very deep. This link can be used to further glimpse Holan’s life and grief.


Is it true that after this life of ours we shall one day be awakened
by a terrifying clamour of trumpets?
Forgive me God, but I console myself
that the beginning and resurrection of all of us dead
will simply be announced by the crowing of the cock.

After that we’ll remain lying down a while…
The first to get up
will be Mother…We’ll hear her
quietly laying the fire,
quietly putting the kettle on the stove
and cosily taking the teapot out of the cupboard.
We’ll be home once more. Vladamir Holan (1905-1980)

Deep peace of the running wave to you;
deep peace of the flowing air to you;
deep peace of the quiet earth to you;
deep peace of the shining stars to you;
deep peace of the Son of Peace to you. – Celtic blessing

One thought on “Resurrection

  1. I like the simple and respectful view of a gentle homecoming as resurrection and I’m reminded to view resurrection as looking at life from the perspective of hope. Sadly it seems that Holan was unable to do so in his sadness and despair.


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