Inside the Miracle!

“Rise Up,” a stained glass window bank by Cbabi Bayoc at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion in University City, Missouri. Photo source: Episcopal Church of the Holy Communio In this the second week of Advent, we move ever closer to the celebration of Christmas and the retelling of the story of Christ’s birth.Continue reading “Inside the Miracle!”

Lo! faithful Virgin

Madonna and Child possibly 1230s Of solemnly hieratic beauty, this is one of only two works that can be confidently assigned to Berlinghiero, the leading painter in the Tuscan city of Lucca. It follows the Byzantine type known as the Hodegetria (“She who shows the way”), familiar from icons that arrived in Italy following theContinue reading “Lo! faithful Virgin”

Miracles occur!

‘Tis the season of miracles, at least that is what the gospels tell us. As Advent moves on, picking up speed as Christmas fast approaches, we begin to say to ourselves “I will never be ready” Seriously, how can anyone ever be ready for God’s inbreaking presence. Let us not fool ourselves, let us receiveContinue reading “Miracles occur!”