Then and Now!

We had hoped that the lesson of the Christmas truce in 1914 would serve us all. Alas! We had hoped that WWI might have been the war that ended all wars. Alas! Today, just days before Christmas we have another war raging in Europe. Alas! Although this outrageous war is confined for now within theContinue reading “Then and Now!”

“winds of change”

The month of May ushers in much excitement for our school aged grandchildren. Only a few more weeks and the school year will be over! Already they are wondering which teacher they might have come mid August! How fast a school year opens and closes. Certainly, these past two years of school have been hardContinue reading ““winds of change””

Mrs. Sisyphus!

The position of Poet Laureate in the United Kingdom in recent decades became a 10 year appointment, and is an honorary position of the royal household and the gift of the Monarch on the advice of the Prime Minister.   There is a small honorary stipend along with a “butt” (barrel) of sherry – which isContinue reading “Mrs. Sisyphus!”

Some days a prayer utters itself

I have a childhood memory of the BBC radio news playing from the kitchen in the morning while I was getting ready for school. As in the evening, so in the morning, the radio news concluded with the weather forecast which was then followed by the “shipping forecast” and the naming of the “fishing” groundsContinue reading “Some days a prayer utters itself”