4th July

I return to an earlier post, which I wrote in August 2021 – I turn today to the words of Langston Hughes. His words are always fresh, provocative, and inspiring. We cannot be the same person we were before, once we allow his words to enter into our heart and soul. I offer just a few verses from his poem Let America Be America Again. He never did give up on the dream of what this place might become. Shame on us for even thinking of giving up these past months or recent years. Pause and ponder and please pray. The following link will take you to the full poem. https://poets.org/poem/let-america-be-america-again. Also from Amanda Gorman today “Being American is more than a pride we inherit, it’s the past we step into and how we repair it.”

Loving God,
I offer to you a
confession this day
for all the sins of myself and my generation
and the generations before me.
Forgive our selfish ways,
forgive our bending of the truth
as we turn it into a lie.
Forgive our hoarding and stealing
our neighbors right to be.
Infuse us with a light that comes
from You, O Light of the World.
Lead us into a new way,
You who are The Way.
And show us the truth
O You who are The Truth.
Grant us all a new life,
You who are The Life. Amen.

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