“The waves run up the shore”

The novel No Great Mischief, which is set in Canada, tells a story through the relationship of two brothers, Alex and Calum, and in part their shared childhood memories in Cape Breton Island. The author, Alistair MacLeod, tackles the conflict between the rise of individualism and family in the post modern world. There are soContinue reading ““The waves run up the shore””

“…in the deep heart’s core.”

We are half way through our journey of the season of Lent. Not only is spring but Easter itself is just around the corner! Some folks use this season as a time to be more intentional in self reflection and in pondering what is of value and importance in this gift of human life. AtContinue reading ““…in the deep heart’s core.””

“…just around the corner…”

What fun to read Arnold Lobel’s books Frog and Toad to my grandchildren. Yet I have to confess that as I read them, I do so, as much for myself as for those on my lap. Here we are at the beginning of March, surely spring is just around the corner. That was Frog’s thought,Continue reading ““…just around the corner…””

“To sing is to pray twice”

There might be some debate if these words “to sing is to pray twice” are truly words of Augustine. Some suggest they could be attributed to Martin Luther, and on and on it goes! During this pandemic not only are we missing the opportunity to gather together for worship, yet even when two or threeContinue reading ““To sing is to pray twice””

“A serious house on serious earth it is,”

The English poet, Philip Larkin, spent time in the early 1950’s at Queens University Belfast. A favorite week-end pastime was cycling through the countryside. Coming across what appeared an unused church he takes a moment to venture in. Like him we have done it often, pushed the door to see if it opened, and thenContinue reading ““A serious house on serious earth it is,””

We don’t need more successful people!

In her book Essays of Undoing the writer Terry Tempest Williams, a conservationist and activist writes the following – “…the plain fact is the planet does not need more successful people, but it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind.” Our neighborhoods and communities have yearned for healers duringContinue reading “We don’t need more successful people!”