Although I’m “not in Kansas anymore” I can recall the surprise and delight of the hot summer days and the wide wide prairies, and the sight of fields and fields of sunflowers. The contrast of the wide horizons of the prairies from the smaller, tighter space of Scotland took much adjustment. In fairness though, bothContinue reading “Sunflowers”

“While the tennis ball went back and forth”

The middle of June through the early part of July for tennis fans means the clay courts of Stade Roland Garros in Paris and the grass courts of Wimbledon, London. These venues are home for two of the great Grand Slam tennis fixtures. As a child I so loved the two weeks of what seemedContinue reading ““While the tennis ball went back and forth””

What about now?

A few years ago I spent several hours at Stonehenge, England. Why had I taken so long to visit this spectacular World Heritage site? stand on this soil, to gaze and stare, to ponder the mystery and the majesty and to marvel at our distant ancestors. This was surely a moment of “going back”.Continue reading “What about now?”


Askernish is on the west coast of the island of South Uist, too small to be named on the map above. Yet here on the very western edge of Europe you will find the most unexpected and delightful golf course. The history of this course is another story! The former American poet laureate, BillyContinue reading “Askernishing”

Stubbornness of Gladness

For many of us it continues to be a hard year. COVID-19 has marked us, and some will carry open wounds, while others the sores will be forever internal. Add to this the ongoing struggle for justice, where every life matters, especially those lives which for too long have borne pain and insult from thoseContinue reading “Stubbornness of Gladness”