“The last set out the soonest did arrive”

The hot days of summer continue, and I am enjoying moments to leaf through some books which have not been opened for a very long time. The Selected Poems of John Dryden, is one such book. Dryden (1631-1700) not only a poet but a satirist, translator and playwright and first Poet Laureate in 1668. HeContinue reading ““The last set out the soonest did arrive””


Searching for a snowflake in Barcelona might at first seem a strange, if not impossible, thing to do. Yet that is exactly what the ever popular poet Billy Collins attempted many years ago. Snowflake was the worlds only known albino gorilla and he resided at Barcelona Zoo. Collins writes the poem about Snowflake entitled Searching.Continue reading “Snowflake”

Love and Death

The Bayeux Tapestry depicting the Battle of Hastings 1066 may seem an odd choice today. All I am trying to show are “quivers” which feature in Kipling’s short poem entitled The Explanation and written in 1890. Sometimes I can compare a poem with chocolate cake! Seriously! When its good there is noting else to compare.Continue reading “Love and Death”

“Dance, that ye need no other day”

There is such pleasure in the simple things of summer. I still marvel as the sun sets and the darkening night is lit up with fireflies! Appearing and disappearing, shifting places with one another! A timely reminder of the beauty all around us, even when at first all we notice is the dark! Butterflies doContinue reading ““Dance, that ye need no other day””

“when you listen deep enough”

A recent birthday gift included the book Sea Glass: New and Selected Poems by Luci Shaw. I have mentioned Luci in some recent posts. In these warm summer nights I am enjoying turning the pages, and almost every poem is one that I would love to share. My choice today is greatly influenced by theContinue reading ““when you listen deep enough””

Illuminated possibility!

Today I am turning to the poem The Straight and Narrow by British poet Simon Armitage. It is such a fun poem, yet if we are not too fast, and read it carefully, and over and over again, possibility emerges beyond the first thought of nostalgia. The poem begins by recalling those “school career nights”Continue reading “Illuminated possibility!”