“winds of change”

The month of May ushers in much excitement for our school aged grandchildren. Only a few more weeks and the school year will be over! Already they are wondering which teacher they might have come mid August! How fast a school year opens and closes. Certainly, these past two years of school have been hardContinue reading ““winds of change””

“He sits at the window”

Images of the earth are always stirring! The beauty of photographs from space over decades have fueled imagination many times over. Satellite photography reveals much to us, and offers a warning regarding the spoiling of the delicate balance in which our earth hangs within a complex solar system. “Earth Day” draws attention for a momentContinue reading ““He sits at the window””


Celebrating Easter Day in the company of others for the first time in over two years brought with it much joy and jubilation. Yet still we wrestle with “masks” as the virus’ insidious presence lingers amongst us. We wonder if there will ever be a post pandemic moment! Over the past few weeks I haveContinue reading “Resurrection”

“Jesus Wept”

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog are by now quite familiar with Malcolm Guite. I find his words and wisdom inspiring and enlightening. In the middle of this Holy Week I am quoting from Malcolm’s introduction to his sonnet Jesus Wept. The world is a heavy place at present so pleaseContinue reading ““Jesus Wept””


St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Church of Scotland, Sutherland, (photo above) is where I served from 1983-1988. A beautiful white stoned building and if those walls could speak perhaps they would tell stories, not so much of ministers, but of village folk who from birth to death lived believing, lived praying, lived hoping. Their faith andContinue reading “Kneeling”

“waves run wavering up the sand”

It is 38 years since I visited Orkney, and can recall that visit as if it was yesterday. Skara Brae is truly as beautiful as the photo above shows. In my last post I mentioned in passing the poet and novelist Owen Sheers. This prompted me to pull from my shelf his book A PoetsContinue reading ““waves run wavering up the sand””