“Plain living and high thinking are no more:”

It is certainly not the best photograph I have ever taken, but it is one that fills me with delight. While walking the coastal path in parts of Cornwall, there it was, and from a distance this slate stone wall resembled the colors one would hope to see on a library wall of books. PinksContinue reading ““Plain living and high thinking are no more:””

Something Completely Different

In my last post I was talking a little about Haggis. So “now for something completely different” as was often the refrain of Monty Python’s Flying Circus! Staying in much lighter mood I have turned to the poems of Billy Collins who so often takes the very ordinary moments and scenes of life and turnsContinue reading “Something Completely Different”

From the Rising of the Sun

You may have been wondering when I would turn to the prophetic voice of Amanda Gorman. The celebration of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. which falls tomorrow here in the USA, is a perfect moment to move from one prophetic voice to another. Amanda became known to so many with her words andContinue reading “From the Rising of the Sun”

“Sparkling armada of promises”

One of my joys in reading poetry is the sudden surprise of a few words strung together that just leap off the page and stir my imagination. I can take this single line and tuck it away in my mind and over days recall it and allow it to come to life. Philip Larkin deliversContinue reading ““Sparkling armada of promises””


2022 has begun the same way as 2021 ended, the evening news being full of statistics, Covid-19 statistics, infection rates, hospital numbers! On and on it goes! Statistics and data, though important do not tell the whole story. None of us wish to become a statistic! The Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska, from whom I haveContinue reading “Statistics!”

“the world gets ready”

Thank you, to all of you who have taken a moment to pause and ponder with me this past year. It has been quite some year, most of it spent trying to evade the Covid-19 virus as best we could. The task continues! To usher in 2022 I have chosen a short poem by WarrenContinue reading ““the world gets ready””